"What is ETHERAPIE™?A dialogue between your cellular memory and your conscious mind"

by Laurie (Couture) Claret

Discover the ETHERAPIE™ approach with the eBook "What Is Etherapie™?" written by Laurie (Couture) Claret


An ETHERAPIE™ session is a dialogue between your cellular memory and your conscious mind made possible by an ETHERAPIE™ practitioner. By the end of the consultation, the various causes of stress, malaise, and the roots of unhappiness are identified and reparative processes are put in place.
ETHERAPIE™ is a humanistic approach.
It also takes into consideration the fact that life is a perpetual change.
ETHERAPIE™ adjusts to both the societal and energetical context. 2012 marked the beginning of profound changes. In astrology we are in a very significant transitional period, related to the installation of the Aquarian Age. From a systemic point of view, we are in a phase of necessary chaos for the evolution of the system.

Therefore, ETHERAPIE™, indeed, recontextualizes the approach, or “movement”. Above all, ETHERAPIE™ is a holistic care living system, as Life is a perpetual motion itself.

Paris-based expert therapists, Pascale & Marc Polizzi, ETHERAPIE™ founders, now retired, dedicated their life to propose individual consultations for life coaching and brief therapy. They also provided external supervision for experienced practitioners, coaches and therapists. Their Transpersonal, systemic and Sophia-therapist approach gives a rare and complementary axis compared to other approaches.


ETHERAPIE™ approach expertise areas are:

  • How to find meaning in Life
  • How to remain at your optimum capacities under competitive conditions (studies, management, sports)
  • Systemic steering (family system, company, ...)
  • Causality search and meaning (decoding)
  • Adaptation strategy for High Potential persons (HP), Intellectually High Potential persons (HPI), Emotionally High Potential persons (HPE), Zebras,...
  • Hyper-Sensoriality or Highly Sensitivity Management (persons described by Dr. Elaine Aron as HSP: Highly Sensitive Persons)
  • Finding answers to metaphysical questions, …

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by Christophe Claret

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I experienced the 4 Stages of Etherapie™ as a trigger. I became aware of my true nature as a highly sensitive person, I was able to make sense of all my experiences and I finally dare to be who I am and do things my way.


Etherapie™ has helped me learn to turn my hyper-sensitivity into a strength, an asset, rather than endure it ... I feel more fulfilled than ever. Today, I even take on challenges and carry out projects that I would never have thought myself capable of before.  


I was finally able to put into words what was happening to me. I became aware of my hypersensoriality and learned how to manage it in my everyday life. For me, there really is a BEFORE and an AFTER to this coaching. A big THANK YOU to Laurie and Christophe.