The atypical path of Christophe, founder of OPS

A particularly painful childhood and adolescence... 

Born in Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, Christophe grew up in a Creole family severely bereaved by successive violent deaths, including that of his father, who died by suicide when he was 7. Throughout his adolescence, he faced other difficulties, including his mother's deep depression. He grew up in a contrasting environment of coconut palms, beaches, boating... and at the same time in a particularly gloomy family atmosphere. He was cut in two, searching for meaning in a contradictory, incoherent and unstructured environment. These events prompted him early on to ask questions about the meaning of life and death. 


From life in Guadeloupe to life in Paris... 

At the age of 18, Christophe passed his French Baccalaureate in Science with honors, and set himself the challenge of entering a top business school in Paris by taking the highly renowed HEC School of Management Preparatory Class. He then entered INSEEC in Paris at the age of 20. Just as he was adjusting to life in Paris, he was confronted once again with successive and sudden deaths, including that of his mother at the age of 21 and then of his grandmother at 22, with whom he had grown up and who had supported him during his mother's depression. He was orphaned at the time, and continued to move forward on my path as he pursued his studies.

To help him feel better, his intuition led him to experiment with natural and alternative approaches: this is how he discovered the ACMOS® Method in 2012. Interested by the beneficial effects, he decided to benefit from regular ACMOS® sessions to support him.

The start of his professional life in Paris...

At the age of 25, he successfully graduated from business school with a Master 2 in Audit and Management Control and joined one of the world's largest consulting firms, EY (Ernst & Young) in La Défense, Paris, as his first job. He was recruited as a management consultant in a recognized department dedicated to the top business schools such as HEC, ESSEC and EM Lyon. He then worked with CAC 40 companies such as AXA, L'Oréal, Institut Pasteur, La Caisse des Dépôts, etc. Building on his experience, he accepted a position as Deputy Director in a Paris-based company, where he supervised some sixty employees, enabling him to develop his management expertise in the field. In parallel with the ACMOS® Method, and to help him manage both professional and personal stress (relationship break-ups), he underwent psychotherapy, which helped him move forward for 3 years. 


The creation of OPS FORMATION and international expansion...

In 2016, Christophe had the good fortune to meet René Naccachian, creator of the ACMOS® Method. Inspired by this encounter, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial instincts, leaving his position as Deputy Director to set up his own company: OPS FORMATION. After several years' supervision by René NACCACHIAN himself, he became a certified trainer of the ACMOS® Method. These moments of exchange were particularly rich in learning, and today he owes his expertise to them.


In 2018, in partnership with René Naccachian, Christophe created the eLearning training platform ACMOS® by OPS. René showed his confidence in him to expand the ACMOS® Method. In addition to managing the growing eLearning business, he has now been traveling internationally for several years to develop ACMOS® by leading in-class training courses: New Caledonia, Guadeloupe, the United States... He also leads practical Workshops and conferences about the ACMOS® Method in France and abroad.


Towards new encounters that will transform his life 

In 2019, during one of his appearances at the " Wellness & Alternative Medicine " trade show in Paris, Christophe met Laurie, who was to become his wife. Through Laurie's work, he discovered a transpersonal and Jungian approach to personal development, which was highly complementary to the ACMOS® Method. It wasn't long before he had the opportunity to meet the co-founders of this other atypical and pioneering approach: Pascale & Marc Polizzi. It turns out that, while René was still alive, Marc himself had had a very close relationship with René: trained in bioenergetics by René himself years before, these 2 great wise men had developed a wonderful complicity through their highly complementary approaches.


Christophe then embarked on a long process of inner work through regular sessions with Pascale Polizzi, herself, and by taking part in the training courses and workshops provided by Pascale and Marc Polizzi. He finally found the answers to his fundamental questions of meaning, and gradually rebuilt and reconnected with all his facets as a man and as a therapist. Today, he is an expert bioenergetician with multiple resources and skills, a true pioneer in the field of quantum bioenergy and a transpersonal therapist.


Today, Laurie and Christophe share their expertise to support and train through personalized individual sessions, coaching and training in a variety of formats: in-class, eLearning, remotely (Zoom), in France (Aix-En-Provence, Lille, ...) and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, ...).


René Naccachian, founder of the ACMOS® Method, and Christophe


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The journey of Laurie and Christophe Claret,
an atypical couple with rich and complementary backgrounds

Originally, even if you could say that they both come from "Lille"/"L'île" (island in French), nothing would have predicted their meeting. Laurie comes from Lille in northern France (phonetically meaning "island") and Christophe from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.


During their childhood and teenage years, Laurie and Christophe both grew up in an atmosphere and family context that were particularly difficult and trying, for different reasons. Laurie grew up in a blended family, where she experienced physical and psychological violence, with extreme academic, athletic and artistic demands. Christophe, on the other hand, experienced successive deaths of pillars in his life, whom he lost suddenly, including one by suicide.


Very early on in their lives, they began to question the meaning of life and the challenges they were already facing.

Despite a painful and toxic background, each of them held on in their own way: they succeeded brilliantly in their schooling and studies, with a great deal of determination and hard work, in the field of Business & Economics: Laurie obtained a Master's degree in Management Sciences at university, Christophe a Master's degree in Audit & Management Control at business school.  


Right from the start of their careers, they experienced the challenges of the corporate world by joining major international groups: Laurie began at Decathlon International in Lille (the European leader in the design and distribution of sporting goods), Christophe began at EY in Paris (the world's 3rd largest audit and consulting firm).


As they rapidly progressed through positions of great responsibility and high demands (stress and intense workloads), their questioning of the meaning of life only intensified: what is the purpose of it all?

This call for greater meaning led them to embark on a personal development process.


They were then fortunate enough to make inspiring encounters that would change their lives. Laurie met Pascale and Marc Polizzi, founders of the ETHERAPIE™ approach. Christophe, for his part, met René Naccachian, creator of the ACMOS® Method.


Thanks to these encounters, Laurie and Christophe finally found the answers to their questions and deepened their respective personal development work. Laurie continued her therapeutic process and then trained herself in the ETHERAPIE™ approach, all with Pascale & Marc Polizzi themselves. Christophe, for his part, measured the impact and benefits of ACMOS® energy balance sessions on himself, then trained in the ACMOS® Method with René Naccachian himself.


It was at this point that they both decided to embark on a professional transition in the field of well-being, stress management and therapeutic coaching. Laurie launches her practice as an Ethérapeute based on the ETHERAPIE™ approach. Christophe, for his part, launched his activity as a Bioenergetician with the ACMOS® Method; he became an international trainer of the method and created his company OPS FORMATION with which he designed the ACMOS® international eLearning training platform, enabling anyone to train from anywhere in the world.


It was during a visit to the Paris " wellness and alternative medecines " trade show that Laurie met "by chance" ;) Christophe, who ran the ACMOS® booth and introduced Laurie to the Antenne de Lecher. The personal and professional love story began. Each of them trained in the other's approach.


Today, on the strength of their experience and expertise, Laurie and Christophe offer personalized individual support sessions, coaching, training in the ACMOS®, ETHERAPIE™ approaches, as well as UNITY WAVE™, their new method dedicated to English speakers, in different formats: in-class, eLearning, and remote (Zoom). Their practice is located in Salon-de-Provence.

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In short : 

Dancer, Business Entrepreneur in the USA

Trained in ETHERAPIE™, the ACMOS® Method, Access Bars, ...

Today, I support people in acquiring and experiencing true wellness on a daily basis via energy approaches such as ACMOS® and UNITY WAVE™ and the transpersonal ETHERAPIE™ approach.

My initiatory journey started from childhood:
Agile like a cat
From 3 to 14 years-old, I am a dancer and athlete: ballet, gymnastics, judo, with more than 10 hours of training per week, I juggle between two places of residence that I try to call “homes”, my parents being separated; and I follow mainstream schooling. It pushes me to develop important organizational skills at a very early age as well as relational and contextual agility.

The dancer and the business
At the age of 14, I become a semi-professional dancer and model; I begin flying from castings, photo shoots, to runway rehearsals, dance cie rehearsals and shows while pursuing science in high school. I then evolve within personal and professional environments in which performance requirement and perfectionism are pushed to extreme, even to elitism.


Flight towards corporate world
As my parents firmly opposed to an artistic career choice for me, I have no other choice than putting aside the dancing world. I manage to escape from becoming a telecommunications engineer as I was initially fated to by negotiating a College course related to the operational world of business. Taking advantage of what was initially only a part-time student contract in parallel with my 2-years degree in Business and Administration Management, I successfully graduate from my Master's degree in Management Sciences and start my corporate career within Decathlon International. Follows an exciting and intense journey, between product marketing missions, on and off-site event management, C-level executive and personal assistance, purchasing, product development, collections management, operations management,... for international companies such as Club Med, Redcats (Vertbaudet brand), BNP Paribas,... During this time, I utilize my organizational, team, process development, budget as well as communication and product enhancement management skills.

And the meaning then?
A question always keep coming back at me ... how to keep my energy, how to find inner resource? Often on the edge of burning out I am looking for solutions to feel better.
I then begin yoga, try several types of therapy with so little effect, ..... Then I finally discover an approach that takes into account my out of the ordinary sensitivity: ETHERAPIE™.
And finally, meaning and first explanations are given to me, especially one: I am a HSP, “highly sensitive person”...

The big side split & gap
I begin an inner journey to find my balance. Being only at the premises of the work, and facing many challenges in my personal life, I fly to the United States to be able to devote myself to it. I first live in Miami then New York to then integrate a luxury environment on a project management mission in the world of the very high-end interior design. I then work with the most famous and very well established firms on the market, managing projects such as the Gramercy Park Hotel, Four Seasons hotel, Donald Trump, Gwyneth Paltrow, Valentino residences,.... Ultra-competitive and demanding environment to say the least.
I then also launch with a business partner, an eco-friendly sustainable clothing brand, and thus face the challenges of the entrepreneurship... I then handled 4 jobs at the same time.
The gap inside of me is only widening, between an hectic workload, jet lags linked to the international projects, the time zone differences, my visceral and growing need to find meaning in my life.
On a personal level, I am getting married, experiencing a miscarriage which leads to an abortion & serious blood clog situation, divorce, the death of parents,... I am still trying to feel good. Even feeling slightly better would be more than welcome already.... Eventually thanks to ETHÉRAPIE™ , I finally start to feel and live some « shifts".

I then become even more committed to the therapeutic process of ETHERAPIE™, while keeping on synergistically exploring other therapeutic techniques such as the Eric Morris & Anthony Vincent Bova’s approach through "No Acting Please" whom I join the workshops for 2 years, or Gary Douglas and Dain Heer's ACCESS BARS, STRALA Yoga by Tara Stiles, ....
I then live a time where I experiment the American professional opportunism, between Los Angeles and NY, within international companies such as PwC but also as a freelance with senior executives of the high sphere of finance , lawyers, ....

Thanks to the ETHERAPIE™ therapeutic follow-up, I feel much better ... and I can finally finish this race in Paris, within an international group dedicated to the L'OREAL customer among others and ESTEE LAUDER CIE EUROPE afterwards...
And that’s how I will discover my strength: I am always a big step ahead. As well as I have had actually lived like an initiatory journey.


On my return to France, I trained in ETHERAPIE™ and decided to anchor myself on this strength, forged by my experience, by becoming an Ethérapeute & Coach in Stress Management and Highly-sensitivity - Hypersensoriality Management, Transpersonal approach, in addition to becoming an ACMOS® Method Bioenergetics Practitioner and Access Bars Practitioner, in France and internationally.

I also made the amazing encounter of the man who would become my husband, partner & teammate: Christophe.
Today, we offer our expertise to support and train those who wish to do so, on a personal and/or professional foundation, through personalized one-to-one sessions, coaching, customized workshops and training courses in a variety of formats: in-class, remote (via Zoom) and e-Learning, in France (Aix-en-Provence, Lille, ....) and internationally (USA, Canada, Australia, etc.).